Show Me The Money!


by Debbie Dooley

6/13/13: Show me the Money! That’s what I say to those who claim that the Plant Vogtle construction projects in Augusta, Georgia, will result in lower-cost electricity for Georgia ratepayers over the next few decades. Let me be clear that I support all forms of energy production for our future – from nuclear, coal, natural gas, biomass, solar and wind.

Unfortunately, they can’t show us the money. That’s correct! You are NOT allowed to know what the cost of energy will be once Vogtle reactors 3 & 4 eventually come online in 2017 or 2018 or 2019 or 2020, or whenever! It’s not possible because it’s Georgia Power’s “trade secret” and not accessible to ratepayers like you and me that are stakeholders in this project. Georgia Power claims the rate is a “trade secret” to be protected from their competitors. I did not realize monopolies had competitors. From what little company executives have said, it’s pretty clear that Vogtle and potentially billions of dollars in overruns there will cost us – Big time!

Read the whole article: Citizen Georgia
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