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Bill seeks to broaden financing access for solar installations

greentea-bulldog-1-master675by Walter C. Jones
ATLANTA 1/13/15 — Georgia homeowners, churches and small businesses might soon have access to the financing needed to install solar panels with little upfront costs thanks to an agreement announced Tuesday during a state legislative hearing.

Coming up with thousands of dollars needed to install photovoltaic panels on the average home is difficult for most homeowners. But if the agreement discussed Tuesday becomes law, homeowners could lease their roofs to companies that pay them back with free electricity while selling the rest to the utilities.

Read the whole article: Athens Banner-Herald

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Coalition of conservatives, liberals fight for more Florida solar power

b4s_solarpetition011415_12497090_8colby Ivan Penn
TAMPA 1/13/15 — Imagine the Christian Coalition and the tea party joining hands with liberals and environmentalists.

Add to the Kumbaya moment Libertarians and Florida’s retail business federation.

They all plan to unite this morning for a news conference in Tallahassee about their campaign to allow those in Florida who generate electricity from the sun to sell that power directly to other consumers. Right now, that’s illegal here.

The coalition, which has dubbed itself Floridians for Solar Choice, has crafted a petition that was approved for circulation last month. They’ll need 683,149 signatures by Feb. 1, 2016, to get the question on the ballot for the 2016 election.

For some it’s ideological. For others, such as the retailers, it’s pure economics.

Read the whole article: Tampa Bay Times

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Bill for home solar systems wins early backing

GetContent.aspby Matt Kempner
ATLANTA 1/13/15 — New legislation backed by power companies and solar advocates promises to make it easier and more affordable for Georgia homeowners and small businesses to put solar power systems on their rooftops.

At least that’s the hope with a bill unveiled Tuesday before a state house subcommittee. State Rep. Mike Dudgeon, R-Johns Creek, said he would submit the bill Wednesday. It clarifies how homeowners can get outside financing of small solar installations.

Solar advocates say one key to home systems is to make it easier to finance installation and equipment, which can cost $15,000 or more.

Read the whole article: Atlanta Journal-Constitution

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Georgia House tees up solar bill

solarpanelsparkingthinkstock*304xx2149-3230-829-0by Dave Williams
ATLANTA 1/13/15 — After several false starts, legislation letting property owners in Georgia contract directly with solar companies to finance and install solar panels is on the fast track in the General Assembly.

A legislative subcommittee signed off on the bill Tuesday after Georgia Rep. Mike Dudgeon, R-Johns Creek, presented a compromise hammered out during the last 10 months by representatives of the solar industry and Georgia utility companies.

“It’s been an adventure,” Dudgeon said in describing the months of negotiations that began after his bill failed during last year’s legislative session for lack of support from the utilities. “I don’t think this is the ideal bill for everybody. But if most people are happy, we’ve probably reached a pretty good compromise.”

Read the whole article: Atlanta Business Chronicle

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Republican-led group launches ballot petition to boost solar power in Florida

solar panelsby Ivan Penn
1/6/15 Tampa — Backers of broader use of solar energy in Florida have quietly launched a petition for the 2016 ballot that would allow those who generate electricity from the sun to sell the power directly to other consumers.

If the measure passes, solar proponents argue that it would open up Florida’s solar energy market, which has largely stagnated for years. The measure would allow business or property owners to produce up to 2 megawatts of solar power and then sell that power directly to others, such as tenants, without having to go through a utility.

Read the whole article: Tampa Bay Times

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